Keith Haring @Musee en herbe

Over the weekend we went back to the always spectacular Musee en herbe, an art museum designed for children. I thought that I had most certainly written about this place before, but I cannot find it anywhere. The staff stage an exhibition designed specifically for children around a certain artist or group of artists. The first time we attended it was Andy Warhol, the second Dali and Surrealism, and the new show is Keith Haring. They use reproductions of different pieces and build up their own related parts to the show; for example, next to the reproduction of Dali's painting of Mae West they built a lip-shaped couch, and next to the reproductions of Warhol's cow prints, they had a model cow that the children could milk. When the children enter the exhibition they are invited to put on costume bits related to the show and the tour guide gives a brief introduction to the artists, the movement, and the show itself. The introduction is very interactive. We were a touch late this time, so I did not see how they set up the Haring show, but for Surrealism the guide began by asking the children (ages 3-5) about la realité and dreams and then moved into a simple explanation of surrealism. I recall that "c'est bizarre ça!" was a phrase repeated frequently by the children as they looked through the show. After the exhibition, the children go upstairs to the studio for a related art workshop that includes painting, playdough sculpture, and usually some pochoir (stenciling). For Haring they included a lot of pieces related to hieroglyphs and discussed Haring's own interest in ancient Egypt. As always, the museum staff did a great job of making art and museums fun and accessible. Here are a few pictures from the show:

The entrance to the show, where the guide did the introduction and the children all donned eyeglasses like Haring.

Soren in his glasses.

The car. They decorated their own flat versions in the workshop.

The group in their glasses.

In the studio.

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so glad i found your blog, this window view into your days - been reading your last few posts here w my morning coffee ...just what i need on this morning, miss me some jen-time. lots of love!