Listening to yourself.

Yesterday at the local playground I watched Soren playing with some older boys. At some point the game involved punching one of the group (to be fair it seemed to be an agreed upon part of the game, not punishment for the recipient). At that point I walked over and took Soren aside to tell him that punching other children is never ok. He looked up at the older boys and said "Told ya!" I realized that he had actually thought about not punching, but then decided to join in despite realizing that it was not acceptable. So, I took him over to the bench for a longer conversation about listening to your inner voice when it tells you something is wrong, even if everyone around you is doing it anyway. This, I said, is the source of your true power. If you want to be a strong and powerful person, you need to listen to your inner voice even when it is being drowned out by the actions and voices of everyone around you. As I spoke to him I thought about how much I need to listen to my own advice. Conviction is something that I lose sight of in the social whirl. For me this has less to do with not harming others, which I feel confident I would resist and decry if the situation confronted me, but more to do with sticking with what I think is the right path even when it inconveniences those around me. And as I spoke to Soren I realized that if I want him to grow into someone confident enough to listen to himself, I need to show him what that looks like in our daily lives.

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